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Become a Workplace Organiser

To GMB members the workplace organiser is 'the union'. Sometimes workplace organiser are called 'shop stewards', 'union reps', or 'staff representatives'. Each organiser is the first point of contact for GMB members and potential members and vital to the union's work. GMB members come from all walks of life. They work in the public and private sectors and it is the members that elect the workplace organiser to represent and advise them. Members all have one thing in common: they look to the union for support in case of a problem at work.

Recruit New Members and Organising....

The strength of the union depends on the strength of it’s workplace. The GMB's goal is to get 100% workplace membership. It is difficult to represent the workforce if the employer knows that there are many workers not in the union. A GMB organiser is always looking out for opportunities to increase the membership and make the union stronger.

Communicates and advices members....

A workplace organiser needs to keep their members up to date with union initiatives and campaigns and talk to them, distribute newsletter and maintain workplace noticeboards. Members look to their organisers for experience and guidance; they will turn to you if you have a problem.

Represent and Solve problems....

You are the voice for your members in your workplace when dealing with any issue that may affect them or their working conditions. You may help individual members who maybe facing disciplinary, or meeting with management on behalf of your members collectively. The role of a workplace organiser consists of promoting fairness at work, bargaining for better conditions, help resolve problems, deal with difficulties that arise and tackle health and safety issues. If you are interested in becoming a workplace representative then download a copy of the form below and return it to the GMB.

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Become A Workplace Organiser

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Become a Workplace Organiser Application Form